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The architectural studio “Tectonica” was found in 2007. There are architects, painters and sculptors who work together and form a whole creative union. Most of them got an academic art education and that influenced on the main creative direction of the studio. Our basic principles are the following — a consistent orientation toward classical and national architectural heritage, the maintenance of Saint-Petersburg architectural school traditions, a contextual approach in de-signing, the complex solution of given challenges, the idea of a synthesis of architecture and arts.

But also we pay much attention to the maintenance and development of the traditions of the Russian architectural graphics from the second half of the 18th century till the beginning of the 20th century which can be represented by the names of such brilliant masters as Ch. Kameron, D. Kvarengi, N.L. Benua, I.A. Fomin, A.V. Shchusev. The studio is intentionally oriented to the high culture of a project submittal preferring “handmade” graphics with a reasonable usage of modern technologies.

Our studio pays special attention to the projects in which architecture interacts very organi-cally with other forms of art — sculptural and monumental painting: the projects of public and church buildings, holiday homes, interiors, the development of street and yard spaces. Also our studio performs the projects of hard landscaping, memorial plates, iconostases, the restoration and reconstruction projects of historical buildings, monumental painting, sculpture and architec-tural graphics.

Our specialists are always ready to go to the site and help you to create the general art con-ception and form the technical task. They are always open to a constructive and creative dia-logue.

If you decide to choose our studio and you are content with the quality of our work and the time limits, we sign the contract to make the draft design. It would be the basis for further de-signs after you have made your remarks. When we make the draft design we site the building, draw very carefully the front elevations, sections and floor plans (if it is necessary we can make the mock-up or the model of the building). After confirming the draft design we sign the contract to make detailed engineering design documentation. The projects are performed in accordance with necessary All-Union State Standards, Construction Standards and Regulations.

Our studio guarantees an individual approach, responsibility and high quality work in ac-cordance with the time limits.

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