The architectural studio “Tectonica” was found in 2007. There are architects, painters and sculptors who work together and form a whole creative union. Most of them got an academic art education and that influenced on the main creative direction of the studio. Our basic principles are the following — a consistent orientation toward classical and national architectural heritage, the maintenance of Saint-Petersburg architectural school traditions, a contextual approach in designing, the complex solution of given challenges, the idea of a synthesis of architecture and arts.

Events Все новости

15 March - 26 March

15 марта 2021 г. в 17.00 в Доме Архитектора состоялось открытие выставки "Из праха". Подробнее в разделе Новости

20 January - 20 January

20 января 2021 года состоялся авторский надзор в храме Александра Невского в г. Казани. Подробнее в разделе Новости